Best Headphone Extension Cable | Buying Guide

Best Headphone Extension Cable | Buying Guide

ctu01 Are you looking for a headphone extension cable but don't know how to choose it to protect your headphones from damage? If yes, don't worry because we provide you with a comprehensive guide about selecting the best headphone extension cable. Moreover, if your previous cable is not working well, it might be because you didn't consider the important factors before buying them. Before buying anything, you must know about it; the same goes for the headphone extension cable. Let's see how the headphone extension cable affects the sound quality and consider it before buying it.

Headphone Extension Cable | Why You Need It?

If you want to add extra length to your headphones, then you can add a headphone extension cable to move freely within your room. Working in studios requires many moments from one turntable to another, and a long extension cable provides convenience for carrying. You don't have to plug in and out your headphones again and again into devices. You might get worried due to plugging in and plugging out your headphones into and out of various devices because it can damage your expensive headphones. Extension cables solve this problem too. You have to plug your headphones jack in the extension cable and use them with every device. When you play games, you don't have to lean over to the one side of your computer. You can use a headphone extension cable and listen to the audio with flexibility. Moreover, you can expand it from one device to another to avoid unnecessary plugging and other shortcomings due to small wires of headphones.

Headphones Extension Cables- Improve Sound Quality

You may experience that headphones cable can have an impact on the quality of sound. Such as the bass waves may be little or higher than the ordinary sound. You feel this problem more if you are an audiophile and interested in serious listening to games, music, and movies. The quality of sound from extension cables depends on the building material and thickness of the cable.

Copper, Silver, and Gold Cable

Copper cables are the cheapest ones, and you can get rich and textured sound with them, but the speed and tightness of sound are best in silver cables. Silver headphone extension cables are expensive, but they deliver high-quality sound that is faster and spacious. Moreover, silver cables are more presentable as compared to copper cables. Gold cables are more expensive, but you can get the warmest and weighty sound with them. These cables provide maximum richness of sound, and you can experience next-level sound with them. However, gold cables are expensive, and they are less prevalent in the market than copper and silver cables. You can get hybrid cables that are a mixture of two or more metals like copper plated with silver or silver cable plated with gold. These cables differ in characteristics according to the material that is used in their manufacture.

The Thickness of the Cable

You may have in your mind that cable thickness could affect the quality of sound. Thicker cables provide more smooth bass and mids, but you must go for thinner strand cables if you want better transmission speed. This topic is somehow controversial. Therefore, you must experiment with your headphones to find the cable with the best sound quality.

Best Headphone Extension Cable | What To Look For?

You might find it challenging to choose the best among hundred brands and types of headphone extension cable available now in the market. There are some factors that you should keep in mind before buying the headphone extension cable.

Quality of The Cable

The cable's quality affects the sound quality, and we recommend you choose copper wire cables for the best sound quality at affordable rates. You can buy gold and silver cables, too, if you want to add more crunch to your sound. Moreover, you should find a cable that is flexible and prevents twisting.

Length of The Cable

Though the cable's length has nothing to do with the better sound quality, you have to look for the cable's quality and flexibility. Audiophiles suggest that a cable of 15 to 20 feet may affect the quality of sound. You can buy the cable according to the length you need.


Although high-quality headphone extension cables are expensive these days it depends on you whether you want to go for an expensive one or not. You should look for a headphone extension cable that is under your budget and has everything you need. Suppose you want a costly cable that promises high quality. In that case, we recommend you choose the cable that has a gold plated connecter, copper core, and rubber insulation.

Hot Recommended Product | IKKO CTU01 Upgraded Cable

It is not easy to choose upgraded cables when you have many options available in the market. We recommend you buy IKKO CTU01 Upgraded cable. It is a HiFi audiophile in-ear monitor and earphone cable suitable for all third-party in-ear monitors.

Upgrades and Revamps

IKKO CTU01 Upgraded cable comes in a set that has many sizes and various materials. It is the perfect upgrade choice for you to protect your in-ears from wearing and tearing due to long-term use.

Audiophile Grading

IKKO CTU01 Upgraded cable is a wonderful choice for you because it is made of 127 um pure crystal copper and provides high-resolution sound. The inner wires are steel plated, and they offer high-frequency transparent audio. The construction design of the cable provides ultra-low induction that is suitable for your all favorite music genera.


It is suitable for the jack of length 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm and provides a single-ended and superficially balanced connection. You can use it with all your favorite headphones and in-ear monitors.

Bottom Line

It isn't easy to decide which headphone extension cable to buy when you have many options. So, find the best cable of your choice according to the factors explained above. We recommend you the best product IKKO CTU01 Upgraded cable, for high-quality sound and enjoying your favorite music.

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