How to Pick the Best Portable Headphone DAC/Amp

How to Pick the Best Portable Headphone DAC/Amp

itm03Are you planning to buy an excellent and portable headphone amp but don’t know what features to look for? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about all the features that you need to consider while buying a portable headphone amp. With these portable headphone amplifiers, you can enjoy Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer anywhere. Sometimes, you might fail to get a good amp that provides you the sound quality you want. It might be due to a low-quality headphone amplifier regardless of how much money you have wasted on it. Therefore, you must look for the best one in the market that fulfils all your requirements. Before buying anything, the product's qualities and features are two of the most important things to know. The same applies when you go to buy a portable headphone amp. Therefore, to help you out, we have come up with information that would help you know all about the qualities and features you should consider while buying portable headphone amplifiers. Let’s get started!

DAC | Digital to Analogue Converter

Mobile phones, laptops or computers are often used for listening to music, and they operate digitally. However, we cannot listen to the sounds digitally, so we use an amplifier or device to convert digital signals to analogue. Digital to analogue converters or DAC converts the 1s and 0s into sweet music and presents you with a high-quality amplified sound with a playback device. Most mobile phones and laptops have DAC chips that help your hand frees to create a sound. However, built-in DACs are not of high quality and don’t give better results. That is where an external DAC steps in and delivers the sound that you have wished for. Moreover, a portable headphone amp is the best companion to provide you with entertainment in your leisure time.

DAC-What Music Lovers Need

Music enthusiasts search for a second nature sound that is only possible through upgraded music systems. Internal sounds from a device create extra effects as hindrances in getting the quality sound. External DAC can make the sound exceptional that improves the overall listening experience. The portable headphone amp has a DAC that upgrades the quality of your sound. DAC brings a huge improvement in sound quality. It provides clear audio and depth in music and changes your favourite songs into a work of art. The clear sonic background, finer vocals and instrumentals, and differentiation between DAC sound improve the quality of sound you listen to. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite genera easily anywhere.

How to Choose A Deluxe Portable DAC/ Amplifier?

Consider Your Need First

First of all, you should know whether you need a portable Amp or not. We suggest that you should choose wisely. The DAC amplifier's work is to add extra effects to the sound that your device feeds to your headset. A portable headset amp will double the intensity and quality of your sound. Keep your need and the amplifier you want in mind, then decide which amplifier is suitable for you. Keep a close eye on the market trends and decide which amplifier is in your range according to your budget. Premium quality sound is only attainable through a high-quality amplifier. You may have top-notch devices like Samsung, iPhone and Lenovo, but their DAC is not enough to provide you clearer sounds that are only possible through an amplifier.

Portable Music Gadget

Once you know what you need, the next step is to see the size and weight of the portable headset amp. Small size and less weight will help you to take it anywhere with you. Moreover, you can connect it to your laptop and mobile easily. So, lookup for an amplifier that is small but compatible with your device and powerful enough to give you the sound quality you want.

Supports All Devices

Every amplifier won’t work with all kinds of devices. Look for the one that is suitable for your device. Smartphones and laptops work with different kinds of amplifiers. Another factor that you should keep in mind is the voice format you want to listen to. Choose the bit depth and vocal range that suits you the best. You can go for DSD or MQA amplifiers as they are quite compatible.

Input Diversity

Your smartphone or laptop produces sound waves in the form of digital bits that consist of several 1s and 0s. Your DAC or amplifier's work is to read those signals and change them to analogue so that you can enjoy sweet music. A good portable headphone amp no doubt provides doubled high-quality intensity sound, but it should also be able to convert several digital inputs to music. DAC converts the sound into a mechanical wave from the analogue input, and you get premium-quality sound from your headphones. The transductor in the headphones do the job of producing the sound signal according to the frequency and intensity you choose.

Impedance and Sensitivity

Your mobile and laptop provide the power that is needed by your headphones while listening to music or any sound. It depends on the impedance of how many headphones your portable headphones amp can support. The impedance varies with the frequency of the headphones. It is essential to consider the amplifier and headphones impedance before you make your purchase. If your headphone has a high sensitivity rating of more than 100 dB, then an amplifier that can supply over 100 mW would be the best one for you. On the other hand, if the sensitivity is less than 100 dB, then you can choose the amplifier of power 300mW. If the headphones' impedance is more than 100 ohms, you need an amplifier that could supply approximately 1W.

Improved Sound Quality

A portable headphone amp makes the sound quality better and fine. Your device provides a little power to your headphones that might be a hindrance in providing you with quality sound. Amplifiers drive your headphones with great power that enables them to double the intensity of sound that is coming from your device. No matter which genera you listen to, you should choose the portable headphone amplifier to provide the best sound quality. An excellent portable amplifier provides you with a sound that is without buffering and has superb clarity. Your headphone's sensitivity would determine what kind of amplifier could provide better sound quality.

Fast Bluetooth Connectivity

You must be thinking of dealing with wireless devices when it comes to the word portable. The biggest advantage of having Bluetooth connectivity in your headset amplifier is that you don’t have to worry about wires. Portability increases when wireless connectivity steps in. Bluetooth amplifiers are easy to carry and boost up your music experience. A variety of amplifiers with Bluetooth connectivity are available in the market. They are lightweight and small so that you can take them with you, where ever you go. They connect with your device through Bluetooth and stream the music by connecting to headphones via Bluetooth. Choose the portable headphone amplifiers with Bluetooth that are easy to carry and operate. You must consider two things while buying Bluetooth portable headset amp. First of all, the watts of amplifiers are important because they determine the output of your amplifier. If your amplifier is of high watts, then the sound quality would be better. Secondly, the Bluetooth version determines the powerful connectivity. If you want better results, go for a 5.0 Bluetooth headphones amp.

Higher Battery Capacity

You always prefer things that last long and work for longer times without charging again. Charging, for some people, is a painful thing. The portable headphone amp comes with lithium batteries of different powers that determine how long the device will work for you. While choosing an amplifier for your headphones, you should keep the battery in mind too.

Pay For The Right Product

Know about your budget first, and then go to select the product that suits you the best. Try to get the best quality at a low price. Many portable amplifiers are available in the market with high value but have low quality due to several defects in the system. Choose the best in your price range to provide you with premium quality sounds at a reasonable price. All the qualities that you should see in a perfect portable headphones amp are listed above. Now, you know everything that you can find in an amplifier. It is now up to you that which of these qualities you prefer to see in your device. So, tune in and buy a new portable headphones amplifier for listening to your favourite songs.

IKKO ITM05 Music Patch | Top Recommended Product

It is always difficult to choose the best portable headphone amp when you have many options available in the market. Still, according to us, IKKO ITM05 Music Patch is the headphone amp that every smartphone user should have. Here are some specifications and features that would tell you about this high-quality product.


IKKO ITM05 Music Patch is lightweight and easy to carry, a device that you can take everywhere. It has a sleek design that is totally different from the conventional USB design. It is thin and has an easy-fitting shape. You can connect it to the back of your mobile with the help of some adhesive tape strips. You are going to love this device if you frequently travel and you are a music lover too.

Easy Operation

IKKO ITM05 Music Patch is easy to operate and is easily installable. It is the best device that you could get in the market. The easy operating system and portability make it an ideal device for people who do fieldwork. Moreover, it doesn’t need drivers to be installed on your laptop or smartphone.

Fast Connectivity

The primary connection of this portable headphone amp works with USB-C and lightning. It is best to connect with Android phones. When you connect IKKO ITM05 Music Patch to your phone, you can insert your headset in either with 2.5mm or 3.5 mm output. With lightning input, you can charge your phone too.

Eminent Sound

IKKO ITM05 Music Patch is the best device you can get. Among the top portable headphone amplifiers, this device is the most convenient to use and provides premium quality sound effects. If you want a portable headphone amp that provides not only high-quality sound but also is easy to operate, then we recommend you to buy IKKO ITM05 Music Patch.

ITM05 Music Patch Product Base | Perfect Fit for IKKO ITM05 Music Patch

We are glad to tell you that a product base for IKKO ITM05 Music Patch has been launched to support this portable headphone amp. You can now use it with IKKO ITM05 Music Patch. This is another high-class product that is correctly suitable for you if you are a music lover. IKKO ITM05 Music Patch Product Base is the perfect fit for a portable headphone amp. It has the latest power purification system that enhances sound clarity and allows you to enjoy every genre of music that you love. Here are some features of this product:
  • HD microphone input
  • Portable design enclosed by a metal shield.
  • Latest high precision volume controller
  • Type C connectivity and a USB expansion port

The Bottom Line

Summing up, the portable headphone amp is a versatile product for music lovers. But when it comes to purchasing the right one, people often get confused; therefore, it is essential to consider what you want in a headphone amplifier before deciding to buy one. We hope you have gathered all the information and features about the reliable headphone amplifier. Now, if you go to buy a headphone amplifier, then you will know exactly what you need. However, we recommend you to buy IKKO ITM05 Music Patch as it tends to have all the qualities that a music lover needs. Feel free to contact us for other queries.

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