ActiveBuds User Manual

Turn On Your ActiveBuds

  • Power On:
    Hold the right button until the iKKO logo appears.

  • SIM Card Installation (SIM Card Version Only):
    - Use a pin to eject the SlM Card slot located on
    the left side by inserting it into the small hole.
    - Place the SIM card into the tray.
    - Push the tray back into the device box.
    - After inserting the SIM card, ActiveBuds needs
    to be restarted in order to connect to the network.

Charging/File Transfer

Use the Type-C port located at the top for charging the device or transferring files.

Start Using Your ActiveBuds

  • Earphone Storage and Access:
    The earphones are stored inside the device box.
    Slide the cover to access or secure the earphones.
  • AMOLED Touchscreen Activation:
    The AMOLED touchscreen will automatically
    light up when the cover is slid open.

Touch Control Your ActiveBuds

  • 1.8-Inch AMOLED Touchscreen: Tap the screen with your fingertip to select the desired function or apps.
  • Side Touch Bar Control: Swipe up or down on the side touch bar to scroll through the content on the screen.

Operating Your Earphones

For the first time, remove the earbuds from the case, peel off the insulation film, and then return them to the case.

  • Double-tap either earphone: Play/Pause/Answer/Hang up.
  • Triple-tap the right earphone: Activate Smart Assistant on Connected Smart Devices.
  • Triple-tap the left earphone: Enter Pairing Mode with Smart Devices.
  • Hold the right earphone for 2s: Switch Mode (ANC/Standard/Transparency).
  • Hold the left earphone for 2s: Activate ChatPal on ActiveBuds.
  • Tap either earphone four times: Activate Latency Mode.
  • Hold the button on either the left or right earphone for 3 seconds: Power on that side (you'll hear a beep to confirm activation).

  • Take out / Put Back Earphones

    The earbuds will automatically sleep when placed in the charging case and will turn on when taken out.

    • If disconnected for 3 minutes, they will automatically shut down and emit two short beeps.
    • A voice alert will activate when the battery level falls below 15%.
  • Choose Your ActiveBuds Ear Tips

    ActiveBuds come with small, medium, and large ear tips.
    Choose the size that ensures the best sound quality and noise cancellation.

    Start by inserting ActiveBuds equipped with medium-sized ear tips into your ears. Ensure a snug and secure fit.
    If the fit feels off, adjust the ActiveBuds or try a larger ear tip.
    If the ear tip feels too large or causes discomfort, switch to a smaller one.

  • Removing and Attaching Ear Tips

    To remove an ear tip, firmly grasp the base where it connects to ActiveBuds and pull. When attaching an ear tip, push it onto the connector until it clicks into place.

Go to App Interface on the Home Screen

Swipe from the center-right area to the left to open the App menu. (Use the screen or side touch bar to scroll up and down)

Enter the app

Long press the app until it vibrates to enter the app.

Quick Settings

  • Screen Brightness Control

  • Volume Adjustment

  • Wi-Fi Settings

  • 4G Network Settings

  • Hotspot Settings

  • Power Saving Mode

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Airplane Mode

  • Screen Lock Settings

  • Language Settings

  • Low Latency Mode

  • Update Notifications

Go to Home Screen from the App Interface

Swipe from center-left area to right to return to the Home Screen.

Back to the Previous Level(within the app)

Swipe from the left edge of the screen to
the right to return to the previous level.

Return to Home

On any screen other than the application list screen and the standby screen, click the button to return to the home screen.

Power Off / Reboot

Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to power off, reboot, or adjust the volume.
Press and hold the button for 7 seconds to force a reboot.

Turn Off/Wake up the Screen

On the application list and standby screen,
click the button to turn off the screen.

Pairing with Smart Devices:

  • The charging case can be paired with speakers or other Bluetooth-enabled devices that have playback functions.

  • ActiveBuds earphones can be paired with phones, tablets, and other smart devices that have Bluetooth capabilities.

How to Charge Your ActiveBuds:

  • Type-C Charging

    Insert the Type-C charging cable into the Type-C port on the charging case.
    Plug the other end of the cable into a power source. Ensure that the ActiveBuds are properly placed inside the charging case during charging.

  • Wireless Charging

    Place the charging case on a compatible wireless charging pad or dock.
    Ensure that the ActiveBuds are inside the charging case during wireless charging.

  • To maintain optimal battery life

    Keep the ActiveBuds in the charging case when not in use. The charging case is designed to hold enough power to fully charge the ActiveBuds multiple times, allowing you to conveniently charge them whenever needed.