System Major Update

  • Important: EarSync 2.0 Era

    Older versions will no longer receive updates, so upgrade to the latest version (20240506) promptly.

    Future support will be based on this new version. Please note, this major upgrade will erase previous data, so back up your data.

  • Note: To connect your iKKO App with your ActiveBuds, please follow the steps below:

    1. Ensure your ActiveBuds are up to date.
    2. Connect your ActiveBuds to the internet.
    3. Insert the charging cable and charge your ActiveBuds.
    4. Swipe up from the bottom of home screen.
    5. Scroll down, find the "Membership ID."
    6. Have the QR code ready.

Steps to Upgrade from the Previous Version

  • Update the System

    1. Go to the quick menu, find the Cloud icon.
    2. Select the Cloud icon and then Update the System.
    3. The ActiveBuds will reboot automatically after the upgrade. No need to manually restart it.

  • Download & Find the Apps

    1. Finish upgrading the system.
    2. Swipe to left from the home to open App Categories, scroll down to find the iKKO store, open it to locate the app you wish to download. Plus, more apps are available in the evolving iKKO Store!

Get started from the Home Screen

Supercharged with ChatGPT 4.0, featuring Dark Night Interface, and more enhanced features of EarSync 2.0!

  • Access the Sound Controls

    Swipe down from the top to access global sound controls. You can open this panel at any time by pulling it down. From here, you can play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and mute directly.

  • Access the Settings

    Swipe up from the bottom to access the Settings, which includes: Phone & Message, Internet Settings, Power and Brightness Control, Language Settings, Update Notifications, and more options.

  • Access the Quick Menu

    Swipe from left to right to open the Quick Menu, where you can see the battery level, adjust audio mode settings, and view network connection status.

Start a ChatGPT 4.0 Interaction

A simple long-press launches ChatGPT 4.0

Experience instantaneous, efficient, and smarter conversations. A simple long-press initiates an AI experience.

Click the three dots at the top to view the chat history.

Bluetooth Pairing

Seamless Device Connectivity

  • Earphone Paring

    The ActiveBuds earphones can be paired with phones, tablets, and other smart devices that have Bluetooth capabilities.

  • Charging Case Paring

    The ActiveBuds charging case can be paired with any other Bluetooth-enabled devices that have playback functions, including speakers or earphones.

  • Getting Started

  • Bluetooth Pairing

  • Network & System Update

  • How to use ChatGPT

  • Real-Time Translation

A Note to Our ActiveBuds Community.

ActiveBuds stands for innovation. Thanks to your feedback, we're constantly advancing our system for breakthroughs in sound and usability. Stay tuned for regular updates, and remember to keep your ActiveBuds updated. We appreciate your continued support. Plus, the official iKKO mobile app is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Earphones controls

On first use, peel off the insulation film on the earbuds.

Basic Controls:

  • Double-tap either earphone: Play/Pause or Answer/Hang up.

Advanced Controls:

  • Triple-tap left earphone: Enter Pairing Mode.
  • Tap either earphone four times: Activate Low Latency Mode.

Mode Adjustments:

  • Hold right earphone for 2 seconds: Toggle between ANC/Standard/Transparency.
  • Hold left earphone for 2 seconds: Activate ChatGPT.

Power Controls:

  • Hold button on either earphone for 3 seconds: Power on with beep confirmation.

  • Switch Earphone Modes on the Home Screen

    Options include Standard Mode, Transparency Mode, and ANC Mode. You can also switch modes using the buttons on the earphones.

  • Take out / Put Back Earphones

    If disconnected for 3 minutes, they will automatically shut down and emit two short beeps.

    A voice alert will activate when the battery level falls below 15%.

  • Choose Your ActiveBuds Ear Tips

    ActiveBuds come with three sizes of ear tips (S/M/L). Choose the size that ensures the best sound quality and noise cancellation.

    To remove an ear tip, firmly grasp the base where it connects to ActiveBuds and pull. When attaching an ear tip, push it onto the connector until it clicks into place.

Guidelines for the Previous System Version

[*Important Note*] Please be aware that older versions of our software will no longer receive updates. It is essential that you upgrade to the latest version (Release Version: 20240506_1407) as soon as possible to continue receiving support and updates. Future system and software enhancements will only be available for this new version. Unfortunately, earlier versions will not be compatible with the latest features and services.

  • How to Enter the App:

    On the Home Screen, swipe from the center-right area to the left to open the App menu. Then, Long press to enter the App.

  • "Long Press or Tap to Enter App"  toggle button:

    - By default, is Long Press to open Apps.

    - Go to the Quick Menu, to find the finger icon, tap it to switch between Long Press/Tap to enter the App.

  • A Floating Window:

    On any screen, swipe left from the right edge of the screen to open the floating window

    Allows adjusting volume, toggling play/pause music, quick access to Apps, etc.
    - Long-press the App icon to switch between Apps within the floating window. 
    - Tap allows direct entry into the App.
    - Continue sliding the floating window to the left to access more shortcut keys.

  • Go to App List on the Home Screen.

  • Go to Home Screen from the App List.

  • Back to the Previous Level.

  • Return to Home.

  • Pairing Your Earbuds with the Case.

  • Pairing Earbuds with Your Phone.

Swipe from the center-right area to the left to open the App menu.

Swipe from center-left area to right to return to the Home Screen.

Swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right to return to the previous level.

On any screen other than the app list screen, click the button to return to the home.

1. Slide open the case: Ensure both earbuds are inside.

2. Begin Pairing: Long press on the background and wait for the cursor to complete its cycle.

During this time:
- The earbuds are pairing with each other.
- The earbuds are sending out a Bluetooth signal to other electronic devices.

Click "Bluetooth Connection" at the top:
Select "iKKO ActiveBuds" to connect.

3. Connection Indicators:
- A gray circle: pairing failure. Please retry.
- A blue circle: successful connection.

1. Slide to open the case and Long Press the Background.

2. Simultaneously, locate 'iKKO ActiveBuds' in your phone's Bluetooth settings and connect before the on-screen circle completes its cycle. If you couldn't connect in time, simply repeat step 1.

Quick Settings

  • Wi-Fi Settings

  • 4G Network Settings

  • Hotspot & tethering

  • Screen Brightness Control

  • Airplane Mode

  • Power Saving Mode

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

  • Low Latency Mode

  • Language Settings

  • Update Notifications

  • Security & Location

  • Settings

How to Charge Your ActiveBuds

  • Type-C Charging

    Plug the Type-C cable into the charging case and a power source, ensuring ActiveBuds are in the case while charging.

    Charger: Supports 5V=1A or 5V=2A outputs.

  • Wireless Charging

    Place the charging case with ActiveBuds inside on a compatible wireless charging pad or dock for charging.

  • To preserve battery life

    Store the ActiveBuds in their charging case when not in use. The case has enough power for multiple charges, ensuring convenient recharging as needed.