Affiliate Program

Welcome to the IKKO Audio affiliate marketing program.

Join our program and earn 10% referral commissions by promoting IKKO Audio products on your site. It’s free, simple to do, and can be very rewarding!

Frequently asked questions

How to join the program ?

It is very simple, just register the following form.

Who’s eligible to join your program?

Anybody can apply to the IKKO Audio affiliate Program. But audio/video enthusiast and have your own website or blog, Youtube Channel will be more prefer.

And each application will be reviewed and subsequently accepted or declined.

What is the promoting commission?

All products are 10%.

How can I build a referral Link?

It is simple, after you registered, copy the link and generate the URL with your own ID, then put this URL in your website, Blog, Youtube or anywhere.

How and when do we pay ?

Currently, we only support to pay to you via Paypal.

The last month's commission will be paid before 15th. And please note that the payment will only be done when your commission is  >=100 USD in total.

How long is the cookie valid ?  If a visitor comes back later to buy, do I still get a commission?

We offer a 7-days cookie, which means that if your referring visitors come back any time within 7 days of their initial click, you will earn a commission on their purchase!


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