World First AI Touch Control TWS Earbuds


Voice Dialog with ChatGPT is Now Live!

With an AI assistant always at the ready, you can engage in real-time voice dialogues anytime from checking the weather to conducting research or seeking study help. ChatGPT excels at understanding context and delivering relevant, accurate responses, providing a more intuitive and human-like experience than traditional voice assistants.

Designed for compatibility with various devices and operating systems, ActiveBuds give users the flexibility to choose their connected devices and enjoy access to a versatile and advanced AI assistant.

  • Powered by ChatGPT
  • 4G internet via SIM card
  • Real-Time Translation
  • Offline Music Storage

Powered by ChatGPT


ActiveBuds (powered by ChatGPT) bring a personal secretary right to your ears, boosting productivity by handling details while you focus on what matters most, which will revolutionize the way people interact with AI.

ActiveBuds with ChatGPT bring a personal secretary right to your ears, boosting productivity by handling details while you focus on what matters most.

  • Receive answers to everyday questions.
  • Obtain solutions to professional inquiries.
  • Get assistance with academic questions.
  • Facilitate communication and organize thoughts.

How it works:

  • One-Button Translation

    Press the button and ask

  • Sharing for Conversations

    Dual-Bud Mode / Single-Bud Mode

  • Real-Time Translation

    Activate continuous translation

Fitness Tracking

  • GPS

    GPS to keep you from getting lost.

  • Running

    Record your daily fitness data.

  • Cycling

    Help you calculate altitude.

  • Mountaineering

    Track altitude data of the mountain.

  • Wi-Fi
    4G Connection

  • Bluetooth

  • ANC & ENC
    Transparency Mode

  • Sweat + Water
    Resistant (IPX4)

  • Multi-Ways to

  • Silicon Crystal
    Ceramic Material

  • Wireless

  • Charging Box Size:
    63 x 50 x 24.8mm

Battery life

  • 6 hrs

    Earbuds: up to 6hrs battery life with ANC

  • 30 hrs

    Earbuds: up to 30hrs battery life with the case

  • 100 hrs

    Case: up to 100hrs 4G stand-by time

  • 12 hrs

    Case: up to 12hrs runtime

Technical Specifications


- Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)

- SIM card (4G internet)

- Bluetooth 5.3


Frequency Bands

- TDD: B40

- FDD: B2/B4/B5/B7/B12/B28

- WCDMA: B2/B4/B5

- GSM: B2/B5


- 1.8 inch AMOLED

- 326ppi.

- 500nit.

System & Motion Sensor

- iKKO Earsync System (power by Android)

- 6-axis sensor chip (4 code 1.4GHz)

Audio Specification & Microphone

- 10mm silicon crystal ceramic material driver

- Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz

- Sensitivity: 102dB

- 1 microphone in case

- 6 microphones in earbuds

Active Noise Cancellation

- ANC up to 45db (in certain environment)

- ENC for voice call

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