Simple Tips to Store Your Headphones

Simple Tips to Store Your Headphones

Are you searching for the best tips to store your new headphones that will help them last longer? If your headphones are breaking too quickly, you are doing something wrong. But you have finally arrived at the right place. In this article, we will guide you, how you should take good care of your headphones and make them last longer.

It is possible to use headphones for up to four years. But only if you properly handle them. You can easily increase the lifespan of your pair of headphones by following these fantastic tips given below.

1.Wrap The Headphone Cord Nicely 

Most people throw their headphones carelessly after use. As a result, when you pick your headphones again you find them tangled. To prevent headphones from tangling, always wrap your headphone’s cord properly.

Holding Directions  

The first step is to place the end of the plug under your middle and your fingers. Remember, never hold your headphone’s cord too tightly.   

Loop the headphone cord around your fingers   

With the help of the other hand, loop the cord around your index and pinky fingers. Cross in the middle after each loop.  

Fold the cord by twisting your hand 

Continue folding the cord by twisting your hand. Use the same amount of cable you used with your first loop and stop when you reach the earbud part.   

Use the over-under wrapping method  

You can also use an over-under wrapping method. It includes lifting the cord and twisting your wrist towards your body. In this way, the cable forms a loop. Then you have to pinch the top of the loop, which is next to the other loop wrapped around your hand.  

This method is used to prevent cables and cords from twisting.  

Repeat the technique mentioned above until the cord is fully wrapped   

Folding headphones without using the over-under technique causes wires to twist. As a result, your headphones could be damaged.

Wrap a twist tie around  

After your headphones are perfectly folded, wrap a twist tie around the loose ends of the cord to secure the loops. Twist the ends of the tie. Or you can also do one more thing. Wrap the plug end a few times around the center to make a simple bow.

  1. Buy A headphone Case

If you want to travel somewhere with your headphones, it is always good to have a headphone case. You can buy it either online or from a mobile shop.    

Use the case you got with your headphones  

When you buy new headphones, they come with a case. They also come with some replacement pieces in case you lose your headphone’s parts. So, if you are traveling, put your headphones in their case instead of throwing them into your backpack.  

Buy a headphone case to keep your headphones safe  

If you don’t have a headphone case or you misplaced it, and you travel a lot with your headphones, then you should buy a pouch or case for your headphones. Always keep cords or headphones in the case so that you don’t lose or tangle them.   

Hang your headphones on a stand  

If you use your headphones often, you should hang them on an elevated stand by folding your headphone's cord with the over-under technique. You probably will not need a stand if you are using earbuds.  

  1. 3.Make Your Own Headphone Container  

Don’t worry if you cannot buy a headphone carrying container or you don’t have one. You can make your own headphone carrying container. Both plastic and metal containers will work.  

Turn a useless rectangular container into your headphone's portable carrier 

Take a rectangular or circular-shaped small case and make it your headphone’s portable carrier. Wrap your headphones and place them inside the case. You can also decorate the case to add some creativity.  

 Use a thumbtack to hang your headphones at home  

Being a frequent headphone user, it will get difficult for you to wrap your headphones again and again. So, if you need to use them frequently simply use a thumbtack to hang them. This tip will work for light-weighted earbuds, not for over-ear headphones.  

Use binder clips and make a stand to hang your headphones  

You can very easily create a stand for your headphones with this cheap hack. Just clip the binder clip on your desk side and wrap your cords around it. You can also create a makeshift stand by using two binder clips and fastening them on the side of your desk.     

If you have a sewing spool, then wrap your headphones around it to keep them safe  

Another easy hack to keep your headphones untangled and safe from getting damaged is to wrap your headphones around a sewing spool. Feed the headphone jack through the center hole of the spool and loosely wrap the cord around it. Then tuck the jack under the cord.   

  1. Clean your headphones

The inside and outside, both areas of your ears, contain dirt. This dirt finds its way to your headphones and affects sound quality. You should clean your headphones with the help of a cotton bud before the dirt builds up in your headphones and cause damage.              

  1. Invest In Good Quality and Durable Headphones

Durability is a function of high-quality materials. So, investing in models that are pricey but are the last longing will make a good decision. But keep in mind, not all expensive headphones are durable.  

  1. IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones Is the Best Choice

Sometimes, it does not matter how nicely you used your headphones. They still get damaged. It happens because some headphones models have weak wiring, which fails over time and causes your them to stop working.  

Wherever you go buying a headphone, always make sure that it consists of thicker cabling. Select the most appropriate headphone type for yourself. Then check its wearing style. If headphones are chargeable, check the battery life, look for the cable length. Etc.  

If you are getting confused while browsing for the best headphones for your use, we will make it easy to find the best headphones. IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones are one of the best headphones to buy.          

Product Overview

IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones are ergonomically designed. It means that wearing them for a long time will not cause any pain in your ears. Whether you are at home or going for a walk, you can enjoy listening to anything at any time.  

IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear monitor is available in two colors. Materials used in its making are aluminum alloy and resin cavity, silver-plated copper core cable gives it a shinier and attractive look. It consists of a 1DD+1BA Hybrid driver and detachable MMCX cable and comes with abundant accessories.    

Unique Features and Advantages of IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones   

The special features of IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones make it more appealing. Its beautiful and eye-catching look is another reason that makes it the best headphones.  

IKKO Unique SVAS Cavity Technology

IKKO In-Ear Monitor adopts unique Separating Vector Acoustics System technology. Its precisely designed cavity structure makes the sound volume, diffusion, and reflection angles better. The unit performance is displayed to the greatest extent in a limited space.  

The unique precise cavity diffusion structure consists of silicone ear tips, replaceable filters, and cavity frequency diffusion structure. It also comprises a sound outlet, Knowles 33518-unit, resin cavity, 10mm deposited carbon nano dynamic coil, electronic crossover board, MMCX connector, and aluminum alloy rear cavity.    

 Ergonomic Design

OH1S In-Ear Headphones adopt a mixed material appearance design. They are designed in a way that makes them easy to use, comfortable, and lightweight.  

  • Light in weight

The combination of resin and metal reduces the weight of the headphones, which makes them easy to wear for a long-time without hurting your ears.  

  • Comfortable

The sound outlet of IKKO OH1S in-ear monitor headphones is oval. It increases the comfort level when wearing them.  

  • Physical noise reducer

OH1S in-ear monitor headphones use a special resin material, which helps them to achieve efficient noise damping.    

Detachable MMCX Cable

OH1S in-ear headphones upgraded cable is composed of 127um high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated magnetic core. This upgraded cable helps in providing high-fidelity sound data transmission.  

Fully Wrapped Design

The double-strand braided wire and fully wrapped design effectively solve the problem of cable winding. They also contribute to reducing the weight of the cable.        

Abundant Accessories

Six sizes of silicone ear tips, three sizes of sponge, storage box, and LOGO brooch come with OH1S. IKKO also provides high-quality after-sales service. You can definitely choose them with confidence.  


To sum up all, it's you who will decide whether to take great care of your headphones to make them run longer or make them a way to waste your valuable money. Besides properly storing your headphones, you also have to focus on the quality and durability of your headphones when purchasing them.      

If you want to buy a new headphone set, don’t bother or get confused. You can completely trust IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones. Purchasing, using, and knowing the innovation, durability, and performance of this headphone will make you feel that it was worth buying.      

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