Warranty Policy (including Amazon, AliExpress, and other marketplace sales)

Here's a recap of our headphone warranty agreement:

.If customers tear or alter the product label, serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark, warranty certificate; and the product model or serial number on the warranty certificate does not match the actual product, the free warranty is not supported.   

.Product quality problems caused by unauthorized negligence, misuse, abuse, disassembly, collision, liquid ingress, accident, alteration, incorrect installation or storage.

.The product which doesn't upgrade under official guidance will not be covered by the free warranty.   

.For products which could storage data, please be sure to export the data by yourself before returning it for repair, IKKO will not be responsible for any data loss or damage.

For most products, we cover one year for the earphone and the rest of the parts, and this begins from the original date of retail purchase.Warranty coverage is for factory defect only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use. Please note that we consider eartips to be "consumable items" and offer no warranty on those parts.


As long as product was originally purchased from an authorized dealer, the warranty is transferable and is valid from the original date of purchase. We just ask for proof of that purchase date by using the original purchase receipt. If no original receipt is available, we use the date of manufacture or shipment from our facility for the beginning of the warranty period, and warranty coverage is discretionary.

To obtain warranty service, the product must have originally been purchased either directly from us or from an authorized dealer. A list of authorized dealers can be found here.

Marketplace Sales:

We reserve the right to deny warranty claims for purchases originally made from anyone NOT on the dealer list, and proof of original purchase is required. If you are unable to provide proof of purchase and purchase channels, we will carry out the warranty in accordance with the standard of direct warranty, which means that you need to pay all the repair costs.

Amazon Sales:

Not all sellers on Amazon are authorized, but if it says "sold by IKKO and fulfilled by Amazon" under the seller info, that comes directly from us and is a fully authorized purchase. Keep in mind that we don't currently allow most of our dealers to sell on Amazon, and they still must adhere to our suggested retail pricing policies, so if it seems "too good to be true," it probably is-- proceed with caution.

To date, the ONLY Authorized Amazon sellers are as follows:

UK: Advanced MP3 Players

France: Son-Video

If you have any question about whether an Amazon seller is an authorized dealer, we'll be glad to check if you can send us a link or screenshot with their info.

Warranty Service Guidelines:

For direct warranty service beyond the warranty period we cover parts, labor and return shipping to the customer,

  1. If there is a defect within the first 30 days after the original retail sale, all repairs are free, but you need to pay the return shipping cost first. After we receive the goods, we will transfer the shipping cost to you through paypal. (We refuse to accept packages paid on delivery)
  2. If within one year of the warranty period, but more than one month of the warranty period, you need to bear the freight to the repair address, and the rest of the repair services are free.

The decision to repair or replace a defective product is solely at iKKO's discretion.

Products must be serviced either by the distributor we sold them to, or directly by us here in the China. If a product was purchased in the China, it must be returned for service here, not to any international distributor. Likewise, a product purchased in any specific country must be returned for service to that country (or directly to us in the China). For this reason we recommend that international customers purchase locally when possible, so any service needs can also be handled locally by our dealers or distributors. We also recommend verifying service contracts with dealers/distributors before purchase, as they are independent businesses and have their own policies in place.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at