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IKKO was established in 2019. The entire product line has won the Japan VGP Award in the past three years and has passed the Apple device MFI certification, we have nearly 50 agents around the world and look forward to your joining and success with our brand.

Why chose us?

Become our agent, you can get

Conditions for becoming an agent

Have your own e-commerce website or offline store

 Have your own promotion channels

What agents need to do

1.Maintain the image of the brand and sell our products in an ethical manner

2.Do not arbitrarily change the price or do low-price promotions

3.Cooperate with the brand to do the promotion of the event

Let’s Get Started

Materials you need to prepare

  • ·Introductory Documentation
  • ·Contact information 
  • ·Invoice address 
  • ·Shipping Address 
  • ·channel type
  • ·full name of company 

If you do not receive a response to the registration form on the left, please contact the email address below