ActiveBuds-The Ful-Function Wireless Earbuds with Integrative Smart System

ActiveBuds - Full-function wireless earbuds with integrative smart system

ChatGPT has been preinstalled in your ActiveBuds, which can provide interacts with you in a voice conversational way.

Get 25% Off. Coming soon on Kickstarter. Subscribe now to get email once it launch. Have voice dialog with ChatGPT.

 The first earbuds with an independent full control system to satisfy your diverse usage scenarios. 

Earsync System with 1.8-inch touchscreen. Full Control your earbuds.

ANC&ENC Transparent. Wifi / 4G. Sim/E-Sim card. Bluetooth 5.3. GPS. Fitness.

Simultaneous Interpretation 40 languages. Voice-to-text. Export as txt.

Self-tuning EQ. CD-level listening experience. Make your music yours.

With 4G Internet, enjoy the freedom of true mobility, never miss calls or messages when you are on the move without a phone.

Keep connected with 4G internet. Never miss calls & messages without a phone.

Silicon crystal  ceramic material.

Silicon crystal ceramic material. Hi-Fi level sounds. Clear human voice.

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