Running Headphones| What Things To Consider While Buying An Exclusive Pair Of Headphones?

Running Headphones| What Things To Consider While Buying An Exclusive Pair Of Headphones?

oh1s0002 Are you struggling to get a perfect pair of running headphones because your previous earbuds don’t offer premium audio quality and keep on falling out while jogging? If yes, then stick with us here because we will tell you about the IKKO in-ear monitor headphones that are comfortable and a secure fit for your ears. We acknowledge that many factors are needed to be considered while choosing a set of headphones. It’s important because low-quality earbuds often budge, slip or run out of battery when you are hitting the pavement. To avoid this issue, let’s get to know why a secure and stable fitting of headphones or earbuds is so important for running. Now let's read on to know about reliable headphones that deliver high-quality audio and noise cancellation!

Why Should You Choose A Perfect Set Of Running Headphones?

Today, running earbuds or headphones are everyone's choice because of their decent sound quality. Of course, there are other things like they are water-resistant and have many integrated safety features. Not to forget, they are great for working out or doing any other activity because they are portable and convenient to use. Like you can stuff headphones in your pocket or hang them around your neck when you don't want to listen to your solid track of tunes. Headphones with a noise cancellation feature are also a great relief as you don't need to hear unwanted sounds and can focus on your music. Then comes the stability factor, which ensures that your headphones work well with your phone. Plus, in-ear headphones don't mess up your hair or interfere with your glasses if you wear one. So, we can say that these are the aspects that attract one to get a perfect set of running headphones.

Stable Fit Of Earbuds & Headphones Is A Must!

A stable fit means different depending upon the various types like in/on/over headphones. Whether you are going for any of them, the audio product should remain intact on or in your ear while doing jogging or sprints. Besides, secure fitting is important when you are using earbuds or headphones. If they keep on falling off, then their sound quality can drop. This discomfort will not only frustrate you but also distract you from your workout. That’s why you need a clamping force that is strong enough to hold the headset/earbuds at the top of your head or ear. So, you can enjoy your playlist that helps keep on going through the most challenging miles without any break.

How Do You Tell If Running Earbuds Fit Well Or Not?

Perfect running earbuds are the ones that can create a seal with your ear canals. Well, it also depends on the shape of your ear and the design of earbuds. Generally, most earbuds have silicone ear tips in three sizes, small, medium, and large. While sometimes, earphones have a hook design that you can wrap around your ear so they won't come off suddenly. Less commonly, the earbuds come with flange or foamy ear tips. With so many types of earbuds, it will be challenging to know the best fit for you. Well, the key is to get a sturdy connection between earbuds and your ear canal. In this way, the required isolation and friction will keep the earbuds stable in your ears. Although, you can also experiment with different sizes of ear tips to find the perfect fit. If the earbuds block the external noise and remain in your ear firmly and comfortably, then you will know it is properly sealed. Moreover, there is a clear difference in the sound when the earphone is fully isolated and fits in your ears.

IKKO Gems OH1S in-Ear Monitor Headphones| Top Recommended Product

If you want to enjoy your music to the fullest, IKKO OH1S in-ear headphones are the best. In our opinion, this model of headphones is ideal because it offers excellent features and benefits. Not to forget, they are facilitated with aerospace alloy sound cavities. Even the earpiece cavity is made up of very lightweight material as it weighs only 6 grams on each ear. The earpiece is designed so that it remains stable and doesn’t slip out from the ear. In fact, there is a connector cable of earphones that comes with a 3.5mm jack. Three foam ear tips are also provided in the package. If the foamy tips are not suitable for your ear, then six to seven silicon ear tips are also available in the packaging. Plus, a protective case is given where you can put your earphones to avoid entangling. Amazing, right? When it comes to its sound sensitivity, it is about 106 decibels, while the impedance is 32 ohms. Besides, the earpiece is arrayed with a nano carbon dynamic coil and 127nm silver-plated mmcx wire. Now you know why IKKO Gems OH1S is the top product, then let's check out where you can use these fantastic in-ear monitors!

Where To Use these Exceptional In-Ear Headphones?

You can connect these exceptional in-ear headphones to every gadget like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. While enjoying the high-quality music, you can carry them wherever you want. The astonishing fact is that you can use in-ear monitors to monitor your sound during a stage performance. It allows you to sing with more clarity as the sound can be heard accurately from the headphones. Furthermore, these headphones can also be used for studio monitoring. Not only that, you can use them as regular earphones like for listening to home theatre.

Incredible Features Of IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors

It's not easy to choose the best headphone when there are many options in the market. You might also wonder what is so special about these in-ear monitor headphones. So, here you go with some incredible features that IKKO OH1S in-ear headphones offer to the users:

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design means that the earphones are created according to the natural shape of your ear. This makes it the best fit as the headphones do not discomfort the ears when used for many hours. We can bet you will forget your previous set of earbuds once you put on these in-ear monitors to enjoy the music.

Exquisite Look

The exquisite look of these headphones can appeal to anyone to have them. They have a deep and ethereal blue color that entices their beauty. Besides, the connection wire is coated with a silver color, but it looks like a chain. Anyone who bought this set of earphones is in love with its luxurious look.

Premium Audio Quality

IKKO in-ear monitors offer superior audio quality. The sound is clear and vivid to the ears whenever you play your favorite songs. You know these headphones are wired. That's why sound goes directly from the monitor to your ear canals. This fact makes the audio quality of the earphones high-end as it avoids screeching sounds.

Comfortable Frequency

These headphones provide comfortable frequency to your ears. At low frequency, it gives a dynamic sound. At the same time, the earphones produce a decent, delicate, and natural sound on a high frequency. Due to this unique feature, you are safe from hearing damage caused by high volume.

Benefits Of In-Ear Monitor Headphones

There are many benefits of in-ear monitor headphones that can outwit their counterparts. Up till now, you must know this pair of earphones can fulfill all your requirements. For you guys, we have mentioned some highlighted benefits of this product:


These headphones are small in size, so you can easily carry them when you are going out. In fact, you are also given a small and elegant pouch in the package that makes the portability easier as you can place the earphones in the bag. Not to forget, the pouch is made of premium quality that protects the headphones well.


You know the material used in the manufacturing of these headphones is very durable. The fantastic thing is that you can use these earphones for several years and they won’t get damaged. Overall, this is the most durable earphones one can get in a reasonable price range.

Noise Isolating

If you are a musician, then the crowd's noise can be disturbing for you at times. However, having a pair of noise-isolating headphones can resolve this issue. They will block all the background noise so that you can produce your song accurately.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, running headphones are an excellent accessory in your regular life. You just have to take caution when it comes to the proper fitting of earbuds. That's why we suggest our best product IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors that have all the features you want in your headphones. Moreover, these incredible in-ear monitors will be an excellent value for your money. You can boost your enjoyment by getting these durable earphones. So, don't wait and get high quality and fantastic pair of headphones for yourself!

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