In-Ear Monitors | Best Option For Audio-Books And Podcasts

In-Ear Monitors | Best Option For Audio-Books And Podcasts

oh1s earphone When doing a live podcast, are you distracted by the unwanted noise in the background, which shifts your focus, and you need a way out because this adversely affects your performance? If yes, then keep on scrolling because we have got the right guide for you. Here, we will tell you about the best In-ear monitors and describe how they are all you need for your podcast and audiobooks. We acknowledge how important it is for you to put up a fantastic show in order to pursue your podcasting passion and record your audiobooks. However, you may find it really hard to give your best shot with low-quality In-ear monitors, despite the rehearsals. To avoid such situations, you just need to understand the importance of noise cancellation in order to perform well in your recordings. You want to sound captivating, right? Now, let's dig deeper and look at the importance of In-ear monitors for you.

Why Are In-Ear Monitors Important For Podcasts And Audiobooks?

In-ear monitors allow you to hear exactly how you sound to your audience. Today, presenting a podcast or recording audiobooks without them is not even an option unless you are inexperienced and don’t know about this amazing technology. For you to be the best at what you do, i.e., with your podcasts and audiobooks, you know what you require; a decent pair of high-quality In-ear monitors. In-ear headphones are a relief. As you speak through your microphone, they allow your brain to process what you sound like. This way, you adjust the factors that do not sound right within a Nano-second, making a massive difference to your performance. Think about it; you would never be able to synchronize to your microphone if it weren't for your high-quality In-ear monitors. In addition to this, listening to yourself while you record your audiobooks makes the recording phase much easier. You won't have to re-record yourself when you can make the necessary adjustments right at the start. Of course, knowing that buying high-quality in-ear headphones will save you from all this trouble, you must really want to get yourself a perfect pair.

5 Things To Think About When Buying In-ear Monitors

Comfort Level:

The most crucial aspect to consider while presenting a podcast or recording audiobooks is comfort. Because the process can take longer than you think, it's crucial for you to make the best in-ear monitor purchase option possible. Check that they are the proper size and shape for your ears to fit in comfortably. Your comfort level depends on the choice of headphones that you make. With a higher comfort level, you will be able to have a greater focus on your performance, which earns you confidence and highly competitive performance. Also, you will be able to wear them for hours without being uneasy.


Being mindful of your budget when you go out to shop for the best quality In-ear monitors for yourself is a wise decision. This ensures you do not run out of money by the end of the month. But, most importantly, it helps you look for greater quality and features within your limited budget.

Background Noise Cancellation

As important as it is for you to perform in what you do, you need to make sure you do not get interrupted by the background noises. So, your attention does not drift away. Thus, it makes noise-cancellation a highly important factor when you buy yourself a pair of In-ear monitors. Since the microphone records more than you hear, when the sounds of wind rustling and screeching noises are blocked out as you perform, you know your only focus should be on your performance when recording podcasts or audiobooks. Only then you'll be able to give your best.


Being stuck at one place just because the pair of In-ear monitors you own does not allow you to move around can be a huge turn-off for you. With a pair that is light-weighted enough to ensure you can carry it around with you, you are benefitted a great deal. Hence, this is exactly why you want a pair of In-ear monitors with which you can move around. Why restrict yourself when you can do otherwise?

Audio Quality

The sound quality is a major area of concern when you buy your pair of headphones. While you record yourself, there might be unpleasant noises around you that interfere with your sound, reducing the quality of your recordings. These are the common challenges you might have to face when planning out for your podcasts and audiobooks. A poor sound quality leads to a disturbing performance which ultimately means your audience will not enjoy it. Therefore, it is important to consider the sound quality your In-ear monitors provide.

IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones | Our Top Recommended Product

IKKO OH1S in-ear headphones, in our opinion, are the finest ones if you want your recordings to be hassle-free. This In-ear monitor’s brand is highly recommended because of the amazing features and benefits they offer. Most importantly, they have sound cavities made of aircraft aluminum. In addition, the earpiece cavity comprises lightweight material that weighs only 6 grams for each ear, ensuring maximum comfort level to the users. The in-ear headphones are made up of a precisely calculated, unique diffusion cavity. This reduces the surrounding noise and makes the sound clearer. In addition, the manufacturer has been considerate of the wearing comfort so that they do not slip away. In addition to this, the package includes about six to seven silicon tips in case you feel uneasy with the foamy ones. Plus, the cable winding is no longer a problem with this brand as they provide a protective casing, i.e., a fully wrapped design that effectively prevents entangling. About the sound sensitivity, it is 106 decibels, with a frequency ranging from 20-40kHz. Along with this, the bass and sub-bass are exactly the amounts that you need. Doesn't this sound fantastic? This is where you know that IKKO Gems OH1s are just what you need.

Features Of IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors

Ergonomic Design:

The headphones are ergonomically designed; that is, they fit in the natural shape of your ear. Thus, we can say it is the best choice, particularly for podcasts, as they have to put them in for hours. Wearing OH1S will not cause pain in your ears. Being made up of a lightweight aerospace alloy sound cavity, the user feels a unique sense of comfort that is not felt with ordinary in-ear monitors.

MMCX Detachable Design:

IKKO OH1S earpieces offer a mmcx detachable design. Furthermore, manufacturers have made sure to provide maximum satisfaction to users with its four strands copper plated high purity wires that are oxygen-free. Not only this, embedded in the copper is a silver-plated cable for high-frequency extension and strengthen low frequency so that sounds are transmitted easily, and the users enjoy maximum value.

Premium Quality Of Sound:

Together with providing offering other features, the sound provided by these earphones is of premium quality. Dynamic in low frequency and natural in high frequency, OH1S ensures that users get clear sound transmitted from the device right into their ears which also avoids any sort of distortion during the process. Therefore, we enjoy an elegant sound with this pair of in-ear monitors.

Advantages Of IKKO OH1S

In order to further highlight the importance of In-ear monitors for you, we have mentioned some highlighted benefits that will be provided to you with these.


Since these are portable, carrying them is out of the list of things you worry about. The small size allows you to keep these In-ear monitors with you all the time so you can easily listen to podcasts of your choice, whenever and wherever. Not only this, the pouch that comes along provides an added advantage to you so they can be safe with you.


For some people, the background noise can be pretty irritating. In order to avoid that, you definitely need IKKO OHS1, so you only have to focus on your sound. These noise-isolating in-ear monitors will resolve your issue by blocking all the other noises for you.

Exquisite Shell:

The exquisite outer packaging is very appealing to look at since it provides the look of meteors and their unique design, which makes IKKO's In-ear monitors stand out from the rest. Also, this makes them a perfect gift item to your friends, family, etc.

Final Note

To conclude, in-ear monitors are a requirement in everyday living. They not only ensure your comfort, but they also make your daily life easier. All you need is the confidence that background noise will no longer bother you, and with the IKKO OH1S, you can rest assured that you will have all of the benefits you want. Along with this, you know you are investing in the right product when you get yourself a pair of these incredible In-ear monitors because it will increase your enjoyment twofold. So, do not wait any longer and get yourself this amazing pair of headphones so you can make the most out of them and treat yourself to the fun you deserve.

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