How To Pick The Best Amplifier For Your Headphones?

How To Pick The Best Amplifier For Your Headphones?

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Do you keep changing headphones in the hope of better sound quality? Are you tired of listening to distorted and unclear songs?

Here's the solution to all; headphone Amplifier. Headphone amplifiers are the core for significant audio improvement. You are on the right track. Amplifiers can bring forth audible enhancement in clarity, dynamics, and details.

By the end of this article, you will know whether to buy an amp or not. How do amplifiers work, and should you get a portable or desktop headphone amplifier?

Furthermore, how to get the bang for your bucks by choosing the unique amp that solves many problems in one go. Let's not delay any further and find out the best headphone amplifier.

What Does A Headphone Amplifier Do?

Who doesn't want to listen to clearer and better audio? You can get better audio quality on your mobile, tablet, or laptop by using a headphone amplifier. That boost in sound quality happens when an amp provides enough power for headphones to function correctly. In short, amplifiers are used to deliver electric power to the headphones.

A headphone amplifier is not all about the high volume. Instead, it features clarity and coordination. As compared to tiny headphones, huge headphones need more power to deliver quality audio. Or else, they will start to distort—this problem occurs due to impedance and DAC.

When you have high impedance headphones, they need more power to run to their fullest. However, mobiles and other small devices can not deliver that much power, or the battery will die quickly. That is when you need a good-quality headphone amplifier.

If a headphone has a DAC (digital to analog converter), it will amplify the signals to make the sound wave louder before reaching the headphones. When you use a headphone amplifier, its converter works efficiently and delivers high sound quality. Almost all modern devices use DACs; that is the reason we can listen to the sound. Yet, it's the quality that makes the difference.

In short, the headphone amplifier is an excellent source of quality audio for audiophile lovers.

Portable vs. Desktop Headphone Amplifier

Once you decide to use a headphone amplifier for good sound quality, you will have two options: Portable Amps and desktop Amps. Both amplifiers have their perks and cons. It all depends on your preference and needs.

Desktop amplifiers are considered better and more efficient. However, with modern technology and advancements, Portable Amps are catching up with Desktop Amps.

Both portable and desktop Amps have the same functions. However, portable amplifiers are lighter in weight, compact in size, and portable; therefore, you can use them while traveling.

While using a portable headphone amplifier, you are not bound to stay connected to the desktop. When you want to use it with a desktop, it is easy. However, getting high-quality audio even after leaving the house or room is a great plus. This is not possible with a desktop amplifier as they don't have batteries.

It can connect with other devices, like with Game consoles, phones/tablets, PC/laptops. You can also connect them with an external amplifier.

Portable devices with Bluetooth provide a less messy and cleaner setup without wires tangling everywhere compared to desktop setup. The smaller size of portable headphone amplifiers can be deceiving, considering as audio quality is high.

With a desktop amplifier, you get a higher impedance for your headphones. That increases the overall quality of the sound. Desktop Amps has more output options to connect with external speakers. You can even join other headphone amplifiers and modify the sound as per your liking.

Desktop headphones have a lot of power to give demanding headphones, which becomes hard for portable devices due to the size limit. However, very few desktop headphones are compatible with smartphones and other portable devices.

Therefore choosing the suitable headphone amplifier depends on your usage and preference. If you have headphones, make sure to check their compatibility with desktop or portable Amps.  

Boost The Sound Quality On Your Headphone

The first thing for quality audio is good headphones. If you have one, and still sound quality is not better. Then may the power from the amp inside your iPad, phone, or tablet is not enough to make your headphones work at their full potential. That is when you should invest in buying a high-quality headphone amplifier.

However, you can not just buy any amplifier for your headphones. Check the size and dimension of your headphone and see if it is compatible with the amp. Low impedance headphones don't need an amplifier to sound good. However, with high impedance headphones, sufficient power is necessary to derive them.

The best way to find the perfect match, depending on impedance, is by comparing the ohm (Ω).  A headphone with the amplifier's 10 times the ohm (Ω) value will be a good match.

Many people suggest having a separate DAC. However, for us, the best headphone is a combination of Amp and DAC. IKKO ITM01is one of the best headphone amplifiers available in the market at a very reasonable price.

Portable amps are highly favored due to Bluetooth. Alongside the gain that allows you to increase or decrease the signals manually. These are some excellent features that enhance the experience of the listener.

There is a wide range of portable headphone amplifiers in the market. However, we choose an Amp high in demand due to its incredible features and reasonable price.

The Best Headphone Amplifier: IKKO Zerda ITM01 Portable Headphone Amplifier

Having many options to buy from seems a very cool thing until you are buying. Then it becomes a very daunting task. Headphone amplifiers are the easiest and cheapest way to get the best quality audio. However, you cannot just pick any. You have to keep a few key factors in mind, like impedance and DACs, and many other factors.

Therefore we are solving your problem by suggesting an IKKO Zerda ITM01 headphone amplifier. This is not just a random suggestion for you to buy this product. Instead, we keep in mind all your considerations and concerns and bring forth an amp that will fit your needs. Plus will provide a single solution for all your gadgets.

Zerda ITM01, a portable device, will quickly switch between multiple modes to give the best sound experience. Has low and high impedance and magnetic technology. A high-performance custom decoder chip and a very user-friendly interface.

Please keep reading to find the answers to all your questions.

Three Switchable Modes Of ITM01 Headphone Amplifier

Before diving into the detailed review of the different features of ITM01, let's look at the three switchable modes that blow life into the Zerda headphone amplifier. You can switch among these three operating modes according to your wish or need. There are gaming, music, and movie modes that provide different sound reproductions.

Yet, the cool part is the divergent colors of light that represent different modes. Through that light, you can quickly tell which mode is currently in use.

Moreover, light is not the only signal. A distinct change in sound clearly indicates the mode. Changing the modes is a straightforward and quick process. Press the key for 3 seconds to change the modes.

Game Mode

Often games pay much attention to their graphics to give a more immersive experience. However, not all headsets have very harmonious and high-quality sound. But good for you, this issue can be resolved with IKKO game mode. For gaming mode, the light indicator will turn purple.

Through the software and hardware dual decoding method, all game consoles can be configured to directly control the sound of the game console system and enjoy a better sound experience.

To fully immerse in the game, you want a richer and crisp base. Therefore, if your headphone has a high-quality DAC, you will have the best gaming experience. It almost has a pseudo-open back feel on some in-ear monitors (IEMs) and close-back headphones. That completely blocks any outside noise.

Music Mode

If you are an audiophile, you can't bear to miss a single beat while enjoying music. However, with many headphones, you don't get the clarity and perfect audio. IKKO Zerda has a music mode only for music lovers displayed in lemon-yellow light.

ESS customized ES9298 Pro, professional-grade DAC chip provides a strong driving force, restores high-fidelity sound quality, and gives full play to the strength of your headset and ultra-low noise!

You can clearly feel the boost in volume, clarity, and sound quality while using a music mode.  

Movie Mode

Watching movies at home has become a common habit for many of us. However, watching a movie while trying to listen and understand the dialogues is a total turn-off.

Movie mode will be displayed with blue light. IKKO optimizes the algorithm to simulate 5.1 channels, making the sound surround three-dimensional as if you are on the scene. With this sound quality, you will have a cinema or home theatre experience.


It adopts ultra-low noise and a chip that provides high current for better sound quality.


IKKO Zerda ITM01has a very sleek and compact design. It is a portable device, and that makes it easy to keep in a pocket while traveling. It is built with plastic which is another plus point. In case it falls, there is no danger of break or damage. Its simple user interface has three buttons only. Two for keeping the volume at desired point +/-, and one multi-use mode button.

IKKO ITM01 has a customized magnetic connection that will prevent any interference in signals. It will automatically absorb the data cable when it approaches. With this seamless audio data transmission, you will get a high sound quality.   


It has a built-in high-performing DAC that can decode 16bit/384kHZ PCM and DSD.

 Its unique design makes ITM01 stand out. The construction of this portable headphone amplifier has a modern look with LED light on the side. The long USB cable sometimes becomes a joy killer when the wires get tangled. On the other hand, many people prefer long wires. The lightning cable, the USB-C version, is also available and has a very short cable.


It is a very user-friendly and easy-to-handle device. ITM01 has a built-in adaptive drive, so you can use it without adding any driver manually. The driver is a crucial part of any headphone. It can change all-electric signals into sound.

Zerda has two in one interface design. Therefore you can connect it with game consoles, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo switch, phones, tablets, and PC/ laptops. Having a single device for all gadgets is a plus. It will reduce the cost and provide a single solution for all your gadgets and devices.   


The IKKO Zerda ITM01 is an excellent amplifier for the on-the-move listening experience. With sleek and modern design, it will also provide high-quality sound. If you are a fan of base and enjoy listening to it without distorting sound quality, that is the best product for you. That is not it. ITM01 is an all-in-one headphone amplifier. You can easily switch modes to enjoy the different sound experiences.

Headphone amplifiers are separate in design capacity, impedance and sensitivity. That means not all headphones are a good match for all amplifiers. Finding out the best match for headphones is the first step in becoming an audiophile.

In short, you should definitely go for a headphone amplifier and enjoy the best quality sound.

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