How To Choose The Right Pair Of In-Ear Monitors For You?

How To Choose The Right Pair Of In-Ear Monitors For You?

If you are a music lover, a regular movie watcher, or a gamer, the sound quality must be of prime importance for you. If you are not satisfied with the quality offered by your headphones or if you just broke one, it’s time to buy a new one and a good one. We have got you all covered up in this regard.

There is a lot of variety of headphones available in the market. So, you might be struggling to choose the best one for you. The best one means the one that offers you top-notch sound quality and comfort while using—no need to worry, though, if this is the case.  

Stick with us throughout the article. It provides you with all you need to know before buying a headphone.

Need In-Ear Monitors? You Are All Covered Up

Gadgets we use the quality of our life. Out of these gadgets, headphones are at the top of the list. Headphones are part of our routine like if we're going for a walk, we have our headphones with us. We sometimes go to bed with the headphones on, spend our spare time with them listening to music or binge-watching something. They're with us most of the time.

Nowadays, people are not just satisfied with their headphones. They need a gadget that offers consistency, precision, and dependability and gives them total freedom to walk anywhere. Well, In-Ear monitors are all they are looking for. Its noise cancellation, along with some other extensive features, makes it the desired product.

Despite being that much essential to us, In-Ear Monitors can ruin our day as well. What's the point behind this? Confusing, right? Stay with us, and we will cut you through this confusion of yours. We'll also narrow down your choices and provide the best we can to get you what you're looking for. Scroll down to get your desired information.

Steps To Choose The Right Pair Of In-Ear Monitors

1. Main Purpose Of Headphones

Are you going to use your in-ear monitors? While traveling, sitting in your spare time listening to music, at the gym during exercise, or in busy places making some important calls? Which headphones to go for? The underlying guide will make you choose easily. Give it a read and identify the ones for you.                                                                         

2.  Wired Or Wireless

An easy one to choose, but personal preferences vary.

A long ago, Bluetooth was invented, and later on, it was then put into the pair of headphones, inventing the first-ever wireless headphone. It was an outstanding invention. Back then, it doesn't sound very good, but in this era, Bluetooth headphones, obviously the wireless ones, sound great. Still, you have got two options to choose between the wired one or the non-wired one.

Today’s in-ear monitors (wired or non-wired headphones) sound quality is way better than the ordinary wired headphones and some Bluetooth headphones. The wireless ones give people a sense of freedom as they are not physically tethered to any device.

You should buy wireless in-ear monitors if you can afford them. Nevertheless, you also get a wire shipped with almost every wireless in-ear monitor. In the end, you are getting the benefits of both.

But, it’s still said that wired headphones should be considered because of two reasons. The first reason is that if you’re some musician or an ordinary person who just wants higher quality audio and consistently better sound, go for the wired one.

Secondly, the wireless headphone has battery life. The battery is drained steadily and will run out. It can happen anywhere, where you’re unable to charge it. Wired in-ear monitors can save you in such a situation.

3.  Noise Cancellation

At this point, you’ve made up your mind about which headphone style to choose, whether it’s: Over-Ear, On-Ear or In-Ear.  Now, you’ve come across the next phase, which is to weigh its technology.  

In headphones, there are two types of noise cancellation technologies, working to cancel any noise that causes annoyance for you. When going on a jog, you will not like different external sounds interrupting your music to flow smoothly in your ears.

The methodologies that make these unwanted sounds go away are Active noise-canceling and Passive noise-reduction. The former eliminates the disruptions by creating new sounds, where the latter uses isolating techniques to prevent those unwanted sounds.

The noise cancellation headphones are a bit costly, but they’re worth it.

4.   Options, Add-ons, And Accessories


Headphone amplifiers make the performance of your headphones from “hey, it’s nice” to “wow”. You can just connect your headphone amplifier to the gadget with the correct patch code, plug headphones into your new headphone amplifier, and you’re done.


The mp3 file having digital music is heavily compressed. As a result, it lacks the detailing and dynamics present in the initially recorded analog record. DAC or Digital to Analog converter converts your digital file back into an analogue file. This converted file is much closer to the original studio recording. As a result, you can enjoy a more prosperous, cleaner, and better sound.

Cables And Stands

You’ve bought headphones to use, right? And if your headphones are sleek and stylish, you’ll show them off. Many headphones already have their own cases to protect them against dust particles, dirt or any damage. But to display your gear nicely, a headphone stand is a nice option. You can also upgrade the headphone cables to keep your headphones like new.

Best In-Ear Monitor In Town

Are you looking for the best in-ear monitors in town? Well, you’re at the right place. We are presenting you with the best in-ear monitor that can make you its fan.

Officially, these are named the IKKO Gems OH1S. It comes with a unique design of mixed material appearance. Made with a combining resin and metal, it’s light-weighted. The oval sound outlet of the in-ear monitor makes it comfortable while wearing.

What makes IKKO Gems OH1S the best of all? Its noise cancellation and mobility features make it an excellent product. You can easily move with these in-ear monitors on without the fear of getting the wire entangles and sound disruption. Moreover, the tips are of perfect size, so you can even run with them to not fall from your ears.

Features Of IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphone

Here are the key features of the IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphone that will tempt you to buy it.

1DD+1BA Hybrid Driver

To balance the three frequencies, OH1S In-Ear Headphones use 32Ω10mm deposited carbon Nano dynamic coil and Knowles 33518-unit hybrid driver. The desirable physical frequency division effect is achieved by using resin and aviation-grade aluminum alloy as the cavity of sound. It minimizes the correlative interference amongst the units that generate sound and enhances the purity of the sound.

Adopting SVAS technology

IKKO In-Ear Monitor has adopted a Separating Vector Acoustics System that is a unique technology. The perfectly crafted cavity structures form the sound volume, diffusion, and reflection angles. So, the unit performance is exhibited to a highly substantial extent.

Distinctive Appearance Design

IKKO In-Ear Monitor uses a unique mixed material for the design. The weight is reduced by using the combination of metal and resin. The sound outlet of OH1S is oval and comfortable to wear. A unique resin material is used for serving the purpose of sound damping. The Economy is always in consideration during the design.

Ample Accessories

IKKO provides 3 sizes of sponges, 6 sizes of silicone ear tips, one logo brooch, and one storage box.

Separable MMCX Cable

The cable is comprised of 127UM pure single crystal copper silver-plated magnetic core. The upgrade cable of OH1S provides sound data transmission with zero distortion. The fully wrapped and crisscross design gets rid of the cable winding problem.

Things To Remember

You should know how to take care of your headphones to be useable for a more extended period. Here is all you need to know about handling your IKKO headphones well.

 Don’t wrap them around your mobile phone

 Plug them out when you are not using them

 Don’t drop them on the ground

 Keep them in the storage box when not in use

 Keep your headphones clean and fresh

 Store them in a cool and dry place

 Keep them away from fire

 Avoid wrapping them up and putting them in your pocket

 Pull out the plug of the headphones, not the cable

 Don’t turn the volume too high

 Avoid sleeping with your headphones on

Wrapping Up

Getting yourself a pair of in-ear monitors is the right decision. But, getting to know which one to buy is more important. When buying, you’ve to consider different things like durability, sound quality etc., to make things easy for you, we have reviewed the best in-ear monitor. Have a look at its features and specifications to know how well it suits your demand and taste.

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