Headphone Drivers | Everything You Need To Know

Headphone Drivers | Everything You Need To Know

Do you want to know about headphone drivers to choose the best sound quality headphone? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will tell you everything you should know about headphone drivers to buy premium sound quality headphones for you. Sometimes you spend more on headphones but fail to get the quality of sound you want due to low-quality headphone drivers. This article will guide you about everything you need to know for selecting the best headphone drivers to get premium sound quality. Before you buy a device, you must know its specifications if you want the quality you desire. So, you must have proper knowledge about headphone drivers before buying headphones with top-quality sound. Here is all you should know about headphone drivers.

What is Headphone Driver Unit?

The headphones driver is the essential part of the headphones because it is responsible for creating sound by converting electrical signals to sound that you hear. It is the primary sound-producing unit of headphones and behaves like a tiny loudspeaker. Headphone drivers are composed of the magnet, voice coils and diaphragm.


The magnet produces a magnetic field, and it is responsible for the sound quality of the headphone. Stronger magnets boost the sound. Bluetooth headphones have magnets made of ferrite and cobalt, whereas rare materials make stronger magnets.

Voice Coils

Voice coils are responsible for moving the diaphragm to create an audible sound. These coils comprise different materials that convert electrical signals into sound signals. Mostly, voice coils contain oxygen-free copper wire or pure copper wire.


The diaphragm vibrates by electricity to produce sound waves. It comprises different materials, usually shaped into a thin sheet that vibrates when electrical waves touch them. The size of the headphone driver varies, and it depends on the sound output of the headphones. It is disc-shaped and made of conducting materials. It is the raw speaker that works by pressure waves and converts an electrical signal into acoustic energy. Headphone driver is also known ad transducer and motor.

Is Bigger Headphone Driver Better?

Bigger headphone drivers give better bass in sound, but it is useless to think that bigger headphone drivers will better sound than smaller ones. Large-sized headphone drivers have a large diaphragm that produces high bass and louder sound and gives out the high-frequency treble. Bigger headphones, though, deliver high output sound, but they don't have better output sound. Small headphone drivers produce better output without having much trouble. Overall, the size affects the quality, loudness, and frequency of sound, but many other factors, such as headphone drivers, affect sound quality.

6-Types of Headphone Drivers

The type of headphone driver dramatically affects the quality of sound. It is essential to know about the kind of drivers before you go to buy your desired headphones. Let's dig deeper into the types of headphone drivers.

1. Dynamic Drivers

Also known as moving coil drivers, the dynamic drivers have the most straightforward configuration. The magnet in this driver is of neodymium that produces a strong magnetic field that interacts with the voice coil. The voice coil oscillates and sends vibrations to the diaphragm that has the sound of the same intensity. Headphones with dynamic drivers give up high bass, and this type of driver is common in headphones with large diaphragms. They give out louder sounds due to tremendous pressure from the magnetic field. The drawback of these drivers is that they produce harmonic distortion at higher volumes. Cheaper headphones come with dynamic drivers.

2. Planar Magnetic Drivers

Nowadays, in high-end headphones, planar magnetic drivers are present. In this technology, the magnets sandwich diaphragm between them. Amazingly, these drivers have no voice coil, so the diaphragm direct receives the signal from the magnetic field to convert them into audible sound. These drivers have extra magnets to produce a stronger magnetic field. These drivers add additional weight to the headphones, and they extract more power from the external source. Moreover, these drivers produce accurate sound and give detailed audio. Planar magnetic drivers are suitable in homes for listening to the audio, and they are the best choice for audiophiles.

3. Electrostatic Drivers

Electrostatic drivers are expensive, and they work on charges. Like charges in these drivers repel each other while the unlike charges attract each other. Two conductive plates or electrodes are present in these drivers. The diaphragm is a perforated wall, and it produces sounds when electrical charges move and have electric fields. Electrostatic drivers require specific amplifiers to work, and they are present in some high-end headphones. These drivers are lightweight and make headphones handy. Moreover, they produce extraordinary sound with first-class accuracy. Therefore, people who love to listen to music while travelling prefer them.

4. Balanced Armature Drivers

Balanced armature drivers have a coil wrapped around an armature, and two magnets hang between the assemblies that generate a magnetic field through electrical current. The diaphragm connects with the armature. When armature moves, oscillations are produced that strike the thin diaphragm and sound waves form. Sine, there is no net force across the armature, so these drivers are called the armature. Balanced Armature drivers are small, and headphones can have more than one driver. They are mainly used with in-ear monitors. A single in-ear monitor can have up to three drivers. Installing more than one driver in one earpiece produces better sound quality with minimum distortions. High bass occurs in these drivers, but each driver handles it. These drivers are less efficient in producing bass, and manufacturers are not preferencing them in headphones. On the other hand, these drivers have better isolation that delivers the best sound quality.

5. Bone Conduction Drivers

Bone conduction drivers transfer vibrations to the ear through bone conduction. They are specially for those people who face noisy environments or have hearing defects. These drivers are not of premium quality, and you have to trade usage for quality in this case. Moreover, they are not suitable for those who want high-class sound.

6. Hybrid Drivers

Hybrids drivers are a combo of a balanced armature driver and dynamic driver. Multiple drivers of these types are fitted inside the headphones. In hybrid headphones, dynamic drivers reproduce lower frequencies, whereas the balanced armature drivers reproduce mid and higher frequencies. Sound from hybrid drivers is comprehensive and vibrant with the ideal bass that sound lovers desire.

Which Headphone Driver You Should Buy?

Your choice of headphone drivers depends on which type of sound quality you want. If you are a party love and want sounds with high bass that is strong and immersive, you should buy headphones with dynamic drivers. If you are a gamer and don't care about bass and mid frequencies, you can go for balanced armature drivers. You can choose bone-conducting drivers to listen to music while travelling or in noisy environments. Sound lovers have high demands and the desire for the best quality sound. If you are one of them, too, then you can choose magnetic planner drivers. Budget is an important aspect, and it becomes a hurdle when you want to buy your dream device. If you have a low budget but still want a high-quality device, you may choose headphones with electrostatic drivers.

IKKO OH7 Musikv Flagship Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor

It is no easy to choose the best headphone drivers when hundreds of them are available in the market. IKKO OH7 Musikv Flagship Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor is a 90-ohm carbon dynamic driver that is classy and delicate as jewelry. These earbuds provide you with high-class sound quality that makes you feel that you are in the concert hall. You can see the below-mentioned features of this product:

Convenient To Use

IKKO OH7 Musikv Flagship Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor has a nozzle design that can easily fit into the ear canal and gives no external wear feelings. Additionally, convenient design helps you in listening to high-quality music comfortably.

Elegant Design

The outer shell of this IKKO OH7 Musikv is unique and has a design like a piece of jewelry. The delicate design gives a royal look to the earbuds, and you get classy products along with soulful music. It has a 2.5 mm, and 3.5mm thick crystal copper silver plated 1.2mm long audio cable. It has a beautiful leather storage box for safe storage.

Premium Sound Quality

IKKO OH7 Musikv Flagship Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor has a 90-ohm dynamic driver that delivers the most delicate, variable and complete sound. It is an impeccable device for audiophiles. The perfect bass and resonance provide a rich sound that soothes your ears. Moreover, these earbuds are compatible with all music genera.

Final Words

It isn't easy to select the best headphone drivers when there is multiply available in the market. All you have to do is know about the headphone drivers, so you may look for the specific features when you plan to buy a new headphone. All the factors you must consider to buy headphones with the best driver and drivers are present in the article. You can buy IKKO OH7 Musikv Flagship Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor for flawless sound quality.

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