Everything You Should Know About IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Everything You Should Know About IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones

oh1s headphone Are you struggling with the noise produced by other instruments and mobility issues during stage performances? If yes, rest assured as we have a fantastic solution for you. Having An IKKO Gems OH1S in-Ear Monitor Headphones is the most precise decision as it will increase your mobility and performance. We can understand that it is difficult for you to manage the pitch of your voice as a vocalist due to the noise produced by the audience. You have to sing loud to be heard in the mix of sounds of air drums and cranked guitars. As a result, it affects your singing and causes vocal fatigue and laryngeal tension. Fortunately, a pair of in-ear monitors will facilitate you in hearing your voice even in a packed audience and different mixes. Therefore, we are going to review IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones for you. So, without any further delay, let's get started!

Outstanding Qualities Of IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones

IKKO Company manufactures different products, including in-ear monitors, headphones, and Amplifiers. IKKO Gems in-ear Monitor headphones are one of its outstanding products. Furthermore, the packaging includes two sets of silicone and foam ear tips. On each size, small labels are given from small to medium and large. In the first set, the colors of ear tips are blue and are called "Balanced Ear tips." The second set of ear tips is black and labeled as "Vocal tips." Thus, you can enjoy an optimum adaptation by having different sizes at hand. Additionally, the ear tips are detachable. So, you can easily detach them whenever you want to clean the nozzle. Moreover, the packaging includes a "Customer Service Card" and easy to read manual. It comes with an attractive leather case that protects your in-ear monitor headphones from damage. Also, its inner side includes written instructions for using the in-ear monitors. Moreover, it includes MMC plug connectors. Therefore, when detaching or connecting the cable, hold the IKKO Gems OH1S by plug connector and earphone housing. After connecting it with MMC plug connectors, do not forget to lock the cable in the earphone firmly. Along with that, do not pull the cable directly. Additionally, the color of the case is blue, which looks very attractive to the eyes. So it is the perfect choice for aesthetic lovers. If you are looking for a beautiful gift for your loved one, it seems an appropriate option.

How Is IKKO Gems OH1S The Best In-Ear Monitor Headphones?


It is difficult for a vocalist to move with a traditional speaker having so many wires and cables. With IKKO in-ear monitor headphones, you can freely move from one place to another without worrying about tangled wires and sound disruption. Moreover, the earpieces are available in perfect sizes, so they would not fall from your ear when you dance or move from one place to another. Similarly, if you want to sing in an area surrounded by an audience, it is a great fit.

Aluminum Alloy Cavity &Resin Ultra-Light Material

Who doesn't love to have headphones which are compact and easy to carry? Everyone does! After all, users always prefer a compact in-ear monitor over bulky ones that cannot fit everywhere. Fortunately, the IKKO Gems OH1S has a sound cavity of aviation aluminum alloy and resin ultra-light material. Due to this, it reduces noise and makes the sound clearer. Moreover, the resin makes it easy to use and carry by reducing its weight. In addition, the headphones are small. So, you can put the in-ear monitors in your pocket or the bag as they are free from entanglement. Along with it, you do not have to wait for plugging the speaker or setting the sounds manually. Therefore, it does not waste your time.

MINI Ergonomic Cavity

The IKKO in-ear monitor headphones design has a new MINI ergonomic cavity and a unique Separating Vector Acoustics System technology. These features create the sound volume, reflection, and diffusion angle, giving a perfect unit performance. Also, it fits into your ear perfectly. These in-ear monitors do not cause pain or irritation in the ear. In addition, these in-ear monitors are very delicate and elegant. From the outer side, it seems like a beautiful meteor designing. Moreover, they are convenient for both professional and daily use. So, these in-ears are also suitable for beginners.

Hybrid Driver

The IKKO OH1S includes Knowles 33518 unit driver, which balances the three frequencies, including high and low ones. So, the sound you'll hear will be natural and transparent. Moreover, you won't require in-ear monitors with several drivers to enjoy superior quality music. In addition, it features a deposited nano-carbon dynamic coil that balances both high and low-frequency sounds. It reduces the mutual interference between sound-producing units. Moreover, its aluminum alloy and resin sound cavity attain a physical frequency division effect. As a result, it produces complete isolation and makes the sound transparent with high audio reproduction.

Silver-Plated MMCX Detachable Wires

Moreover, the IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor headphones feature 127nm COO silver-plated Mmcx wires. These wires reduce sound distortion and provide maximum bass control, thus ensuring a high-quality listening experience. Moreover, due to its perfect frequency, it gives you a balanced sound. Along with that, the cables are detachable. It makes this product durable because you can replace them with new ones whenever the wires get damaged.

How To Take Care Of The Hygiene Of IKKO Gems Headphones?

It is better to change the ear tips every three months. Along with it, you can clean the dirty nozzles with a damp cloth by removing the small metal grid. During cleaning the nozzles, make sure that liquid does not flow inside the nozzle. It will ensure durability, and germs will remain at bay. Please dispose of the products separately from other home wastage when its life ends.

What To Do For The Best Sound Quality?

It is essential to select the right size ear tip for maximum sound quality. Besides, it may be possible that both your ear fits different ear tips so try each one. Do not wear a single earphone not only during performances but also when listening to music. It causes ear fatigue and increases the risk of tinnitus. Some people may suffer from acoustic perceptions of their voice when performing on stage. This strange sensation will diminish when you get used to the in-ear monitors. Put the in-ear monitor headphone tightly in the ears. It will eliminate the feedback, which will improve your performance.


Q: What is the size of comply foam that matches the IKKO Gems OH1S best?

The aperture of IKKO is about 5.7 mm; therefore, the average ear tip size is 6mm in diameter. Choosing the appropriate match for your ears is necessary for deep bass. You can also select ear tips size of your own choice from 6 different sizes.

Q: What is the warranty of these in-ear monitor headphones?

IKKO in-ear monitor headphones have a one-year warranty. If there is any problem with the quality of headphones, then the company replaces them within three months. However, the warranty does not include replacement for accidental damages.

Q: Are IKKO Gems OH1S suitable for walking or jogging?

Yes, due to its highly portable design, you can use it during walking and jogging. In addition, the ear tips are perfect in size. So, you don't have to worry about the in-ear monitors falling off during brisk walking.

Q: what is the length of Ikko Gems OH1S cables, and how durable is its coating?

The length of the cables is 1.2m, and the minimum durability of the coating is about two years. Besides, it depends on your usage and care. For example, if you clean it with a harsh detergent, it will affect the color of the headphones.

Q: Is it possible to connect the IKKO in-ear monitor through Bluetooth?

Yes, it is possible to connect it with Bluetooth. However, if you want to connect it with Bluetooth, you have to purchase a Bluetooth adapter. With an adapter, it will work just fine.


In short, ear monitors are worth buying as they are beneficial for your ear health. It allows you to customize mixes. So, you can eliminate the mixes you do not want to hear. Moreover, musicians are more likely to suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. The National Institutes of Health states that more than 15% of individuals in the U.S ranges from 20-69 age have high-frequency hearing loss due to listening to loud rock music. So, if you want to have an improved music listening experience, then choose wisely. If you are looking for a treat for your ears, then the IKKO Gems OH1S in-Ear Monitor Headphones can do wonders for you. Your ears will thank us later for introducing you to these gems.

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