Difference Between OH1 And OH10

Difference Between OH1 And OH10

oh1 and oh10


OH1 is a headphone that you can listen to for a long time without getting tired. At the beginning of the design, IKKO hoped that OH1 would be suitable for listening in different scenarios, whether it is working or writing. It’s aimed to bring users a soft and ethereal sound experience so that they can be concentrating at work while enjoying wonderful music. Users would not be distracted.


What has been used in OH1 is an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material, which ensures sufficient hardness while also making sure that the cavity is light enough. Equipped with an ergonomically designed, cavity-shaped structure, it can relieve the feeling of having a foreign object and the pain of wearing it for a long time. The main raw material of OH10 is high-purity copper. The physical properties of copper can allow the sound to condense in the cavity, making it fuller and more powerful. A platinum coating is added to the inside of the cavity to make the sound more condensed and fuller while being cleaner and more transparent as well. The exterior of the cavity is coated with three layers to achieve a pitch-black gloss like a piano. (outer layer: skin-friendly resin coating, intermediate layer: titanium alloy coating, inner layer: electroplated coating)


OH1 is equipped with a 1BA+1DD dynamic and balanced armature configuration, Knowles 33518 balanced electric drive, and 10mm polymer composite diaphragm dynamic drive. OH10 is with the same 1BA+1DD dynamic and balanced armature configuration, and it’s also equipped with Knowles 33518 balanced electric drive for moving iron. It has a new 10mm polymer composite diaphragm dynamic driver, which is more superior in dynamics and can achieve better performance.

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